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The jobs below can be offered irregularly:


Online customer service

Position Responsibility:

·      Reply customers’ questions concerning shopping process and goods timely

·      Assist customer to place order and waybill

·      Ensure the accuracy of purchasing information



Job Requirements:

·      Degrees of bachelor in language;

·      At least 1 years working experience in online customer service

·      Hardworking spirit, good working attitude, good at giving;

·      Patience and strong sense of responsibilityteam spirit and confidentiality;





Position Responsibility:

• 1. According to the standard procurement process, complete the procurement task of the day on time;

• 2. Ensure the accuracy of purchasing information;

• 3. Consult with the seller about the goods before purchasing;

• 4. Inspect purchased goods before warehousing;


Job Requirements:

• 1. Rich knowledge of commodities, bargaining ability;

• 2. Have a degree of judgment ability, good communication ability;

• 3. Hardworking spirit, good working attitude, good at giving;

• 4. Strong awareness of responsibility, team spirit and confidentiality;

• 5. Excel in computer operating, experience in shopping or seller is preferred.



Warehouse operator

Position Responsibility:

• 1. Make sure that the goods are correct without obvious quality problems (including but not limited to color, wrong size, obvious damage, etc.);

• 2. Ensure the ID identification is accurate, the paste position is correct, the weight is weighed and input is correct;

• 3. Timely and accurate handover with the warehouse.


Job Requirements:

• 1. Have certain computer skills, online shopping experience is preferred;

• 2. Patience and strong sense of responsibility;

• 3. Good judgment and communication skills.



Website designer

Position Responsibility:

• 1. Assist in the design and production of print and online media advertisements;

• 2. Assist in image processing and color control;

• 3. Assist in the production of special activity pages;

• 4. Proficient in flash, Photoshop, illustrator and other graphic design software.


Job Requirements:

• 1. Bachelor degree, major in art design;

• 2. At least 1 years working experience in website design, understand the production process;

• 3. Working experience in e-commerce website or advertising company;

• 4. Good judgment and communication skills.




Marketing specialist

Position Responsibility:

• 1. According to the needs of the company and the market, determine the promotion objectives of the website, plan and adjust the promotion scheme of the website, evaluate and analyze the key words of the website, etc.;

• 2. Formulate the marketing plan, activity plan and the scheduling of required resources, etc.;

• 3. Be responsible for the development and maintenance of website marketing channels such as website advertising, resource exchange and friendship links;

• 4. Be responsible for the planning, implementation and tracking of various traffic promotion schemes of the website;

• 5. Responsible for SEO and SEM marketing.


Job Requirements:

• 1. Degrees above bachelor;

• 2. More than 1 years of Internet channel promotion, overall strategy and other related management experience, familiar with the latest modern website marketing methods and can be quickly applied to work, strong learning ability;

• 3. Strong language and writing skills, excellent interpersonal communication skills.


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Online customer service
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Online customer service
Online customer service system