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You select the products you need on the Wanslu Shop platform

Or enter the desired product name in the  Wanslu Shop platform search box

Choose to buy goods to pay for goods

Wanslu Shop buyer will contact the seller to order for you

Wanslu Shop helps you buy all the products in China


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 Wanslu Shop inspection and warehousing

According to your actual needs, fill in the foreign recipient information, select the appropriate line and pay the order freight.

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Wanslu Shop international transshipment: it is to ship packages from China to all parts of the world


What do we do

We have the whole world in view Chinese mainland, take the user as the center, and base on sincerity, provide the high quality commodity purchase service through the Internet for the global users. The business is divided into three parts: purchasing, transporting, and self operated shopping mall.

Self operated mall is a mode of agency sales. Users place orders through the website, and after payment, the platform can purchase goods at suppliers;

Transshipment is a package sent by users to the platform warehouse;

After taking photos of warehouse quality inspection, the user submits the package, and the warehouse is packed and mailed to the user; the user can experience different extreme services, and realize the global goods without borders and natural circulation.

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